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Preventive Treatments

They say prevention is better than cure, and at Dr. Soni's, we strive to live up to this adage. It is always advisable to identify the potential problem areas and take care of them before they proceed further to become actual problems, which would require intervention and treatment.

Various options are available ranging from as simple as using the correct brushing technique to sealant applications:

Brushing Technique: Always use the brush in the same motion as that of cleaning the comb. Avoid the shoe polishing motion.

Tooth Creme: These are special dentifrices that help in tooth repair and healing the damaged enamel due to decay.

Fluoride Application: The use of fluoride helps to make the tooth enamel resistant to the onslaught of bacterial attack and it helps in reducing the chances of tooth decay considerably.

Tooth Varnish: These can be compared to nail varnishes, difference being that these varnishes are a rich source of fluoride and these stay on the tooth surface for 6 months.

Pit and Fissure Sealants: The sealants are special nano-particle filled resins. The grooves on the chewing surfaces are potential food traps, these resins are used to seal the grooves thus eliminating all chances of food entrapment and subsequent decay.