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Missing Teeth
Implants, bridges and partial dentures fitted to other teeth can be made to look exactly the way you want them. If missing teeth are not replaced as quickly as possible, then surrounding teeth shift, causing improper chewing and biting, which will in turn cause pain in the jaw joints.

Root-Canal Treatment
When the tooth decays, and is not attended to in time, infection spreads right down to the root tip. The only solution for this would be a Root Canal Treatment or else you may lose the tooth.

Teeth Fractures
An endodontic implant, acts as a foundation in the root, over which a tooth can be reconstructed to function as a normal tooth.

The severe pain like sensation is experienced while consuming extreme hot or cold food. The possible causes for this are exposure of dentin, caries, and faulty brushing or gum recession.

Scaling and polishing (Deposits)
Tartar, bleeding gums and stains can be removed using an ultrasonic scaler. Polishing is done with a high-speed air water spray, and soda bicarbonate/calcium carbonate.

Did you know that teeth become mobile due to bone loss? These teeth can be fixed by a special plasma etched fibre, and light cure composite materials. Splinting increases the life of mobile teeth, which may otherwise be lost prematurely.